Retevis RT3 and Retevis RT8 message function

Retevis RT3 and RT8 are hot selling DMR radios, which are very popular in hams and amateurs. They have many strong functions, today, we will introduce only a small function of them. Retevis RT3 and Retevis RT8 message function.

RT3 message function

When using radio, sometimes, it may not very convenient to talk with the other people directly, such as you have something secret to say.  So sending message is very convenient and confidential way. But please take note “message” is only function for digital radio.Not all radios has message function.

Key point: make sure your two RT3, or one RT3 another RT8, both radio are in a channel that can communicate (no matter private call or group call)

We have two ways to send message from RT3 to another RT3(or RT8)

Method 1: dial another RT3/RT8 radio ID directly.

Menu-Messages–Write–Edit—Edit the message content you want to send to another RT3/RT8

RT3 short message.-Confirm–Send–Manual Dial–Radio No—1238(this is the radio of another communication radio)–confirm–Message Sent.

Then another RT3/RT8, will hear a ring, and have a reminder on the LCD display show” read”? Read later? or Detele. If you missed this message, there’ll be a message signal on your radio display.(Just like phone do)

RT3 message
Then you can check the missed message in Menu-Messages–Inbox

Method 2: just save Radio 1238 as one of your new contact, then when send, choose corresponding contact name is ok.

Menu–Contacts–New Contact–Enter Number–1238–Enter Name—Retevis

Menu-Messages–Write–Edit—Edit the message content you want to send to another RT3/RT8.-Confirm–Send–Contacts–Retevis–confirm–Message Sent.

With above method, you can send message to your partner freely, please try, any questions, please feel free to contact, thanks!


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