Radio Remote Stun and Remote kill function introduction

Retevis RT23 is a strong function radio, with dual PTT, dual receive, cross-band repeater, etc.. Actually RT23 has also remote stun and remote kill function. Which is fantastic and very useful in some conditions.

What’s remote stun and remote kill?

The “Remote Stun, Remote Kill” thing seems to be a popular “feature” on Chinese radios. Basically remote stun means you send a DTMF sequence and it puts the radio into “receive only” mode. Remote kill will prevent it from transmitting or receiving.

When can we set remote stun?

In remote stun mode: one can only hear(receiving signals), can not transmit.

If someone are working in a security team, when leader want to hold a meeting with the team members, in order to keep the meeting order, the leader need to remote stun all the other radios. So other members can only hear leader’s talk, but can not transmit to talk inside.

When can we set remote kill?

In remote kill mode: one can neither hear(receiving signals), nor transmitting.

In case your radio are lost, or you are renting your radio to others, but they did not return you in time, you can start remote kill function. This way, the lost/rented radio can not be workbable at all.

What’s other radios in Retevis that has remote stun and remote kill function?

Retevis RT25, RT23, RT3, RT8.

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For How to set RT23 remote stun and remote kill, we will discuss in following blogs. Thanks for your attention on Retevis products!

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