RB21 walkie talkies for truck drivers

RB21 walkie talkies for truck drivers

For truck drivers, walkie talkies help them communicate quickly and efficiently. However, ordinary walkie talkies cannot meet their needs due to the short communicate distance. Retevis RB21 is different that it’s a sort of long distance PoC two way radio with a wider coverage area. Now I will tell you the advantages of it:

Wide coverage area

The range of activities for truck drivers is very large. But the traditional walkie talkie talk range is only a few kilometers. There is no limit on distance of Retevis RB21. Because it communicates via Cellular network. Where has the 2G/3G/4G networks,where you can use it.

License free

Applying for a certificate is a very troublesome task. Not only the steps are cumbersome, but also we have to wait for a long time. Retevis RB21 is license free walkie talkie. Once received the express package, you can use it immediately.

Humanization design

In order to be more convenient to use, Retevis RB21 has some special designs. It has the handheld non-slip shell to prevent it from falling out. The grade of waterproof of RB21 is IP54. This means that it can prevent dust and water from splashing in from all directions. In addition, it also has smart touch screen. Using the touch screen allows us to manipulate by tapping the screen instead of pressing buttons. This way of operation is easier for us who are accustomed to using smartphones.

Retevis RB21 appearance
Retevis RB21 appearance

GPS track and locate

Retevis RB21 owns a high-accuracy GPS antenna, also with the online dispatch software, while instant location can be tracked by different platforms like PC and other smartphones. GPS function is very important for truck drivers who carry on long-distance transportation. This feature can also let colleagues know the location of each other to better collaborate.

In a word, Retevis RB21 is an excellent long distance PoC two way radio. It’s easy for fleet management and organization. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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