Retevis RB20 smartphone walkie talkie

Retevis RB20 smartphone type walkie talkie

As we all know, the walkie talkie enables us to communicate quickly, but the signal range is not large. The smartphone has a large call range, but cannot communicate instantly. Retevis RB20 is a long range smart PoC radio that combines the advantages of both sides. Next I will tell you its advantages compared to traditional walkie talkie.

Unlimited range

The signal range of most conventional walkie talkies is only a few kilometers. Sometimes such range is not sufficient for some jobs. Retevis RB20 is network walkie talkie, and it support 2G/3G/4G signal. Like a phone, it requires a micro SIM card. If there is a signal, you can connect on a national scale.

LED screen

The traditional walkie talkie has a small screen and is operated by buttons. Sometimes it’s hard to see the buttons clearly when the light is bad at night. Retevis RB20 owns 1.77 inch SPI colour touch screen. We can operate it by touching the screen instead of just pressing the buttons, and it’s convenient for night operation.

Retevis RB20 walkie talkie screen
Retevis RB20 walkie talkie screen


Many traditional walkie talkies are for close communication and therefore do not have GPS function. Retevis RB20 has high-accuracy GPS antenna with online positioning software, while instant location can be tracked by different platforms like PC and other smartphone. This function is very useful for people like truck drivers to long-distance communication and track position.

4000mAh Battery

The battery capacity of walkie talkie is mostly around 2000mAh. This battery capacity can basically meet the needs of normal use. However, the battery capacity of Retevis RB20 is 4000mAh. That means it has a longer standby time without frequent charging.

All in all, Retevis RB20 is an excellent long range smart PoC radio. It is suitable for people who need instant communication and have a large range of activities. If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

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