How to turn off encryption mode of RT84?

Retevis RT84 is a dual band digital radio ( VHF:136-174MHz, UHF:400-480MHz) , it supports both analog and digital talk, with large screen display and keypad, you can write frequency and basic functions manually. It is one of the most rugged radios we have . The receivers is more sensitive than others and the transmitter section has posted RF out, while having great audio. Also it has the digital encryption mode that can help you make your conversation more safer.  

But sometimes, when you want to change the encryption mode of RT84, here is what you can do:

1, Prepare the RT84 programming cable:

2, Download the RT84 software on this link: 

3, Install the RT84 software on your computer ( our software can only can use on windows system) 

Then use your programming cable link your radio to the computer and open the software, read from your radio. Click the ” Channel information ” and choose “digital ” channel mode, then at the “Privacy”: choose ” None ”  ,  then save the change to your radio, the RT84 encryption mode is turned off.

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