Retevis RT40B new FRS license-free radio

New FRS license-free radio Retevis RT40B is released recently, it’s  a small and light-weight body, and it is updated based on RT40 DMR  radio

new FRS license-free radio

Packing detail

1*RT40B Two Way Radio
1* Li-ion Battery
1* Belt Clip
1*USB Charging Cable
1*Pedestal charger
1*Hand strap
1*User Manual

The original package doesn’t include the C9034A adapter,once you order, we will offer the adapter for free based on your countries

FRS license-free radio

Extra accessories

Acoustic Tube Earpiece J9128A:

Programming cable J0013A:


FRS license-free radio RT40B

Main features

1.Copy wireless function
2.High/low power
3.Micro USB charging connection
4.Emergency alarm
5.Squelch Level 0-9
6.Vox level 0-9
7.Mintor function
8.Scan function
9. TOT function
10. Compand function
11.Batter Low Alert
12.License-free FRS frequency, 22 channels available (CTCSS-51 group / DCS-105 group)
13.Side key setting

Programming software

1. USB driver address ( pls check firmware/software under support page)

Please download and install the USB driver by this link

2. Programming software ( pls check firmware/software under support page)

Please download and install software by this link

You can change other some functions by RT40B programming software

The difference features

1.Copy wireless function,  Most of FRS radios haven’t this function
2.RT40B is the first updating FRS radio based on the DMR radio, so it owns RT40 small and light-weight body, mostly, the communication is more clear

If you’re interested in testing Retevis RT40B new FRS license-free radio, welcome to order on

Any questions about RT40B, please directly contact us by email,




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