Retevis RB28 NOAA FRS license-free radio

NOAA FRS license-free radio Retevis RB28 has a 1.28 inch LCD screen, which is easier to operate.
Most of FRS license-free radios haven’t a screen, so it’s the reason why we develop and release it

Packing detail

2*RB28 Two Way Radio
2* Li-ion Battery
2* Belt Clip
1*USB Charging Cable
1*User Manual

The original package doesn’t include the C9034A adapter´╝îonce you order, we will offer the adapter for free based on your countries

NOAA FRS license-free radio


NOAA FRS license-free radio RB28

Main features

1.LCD screen
2.High/low power
3.Type-C charging
4.Emergency alarm
5.Squelch Level 0-9
6.Vox level 0-9
7.Mintor function
8.Scan function
9. TOT function
10. Compand function
11.Batter Low Alert
12.Side key setting
13.NOAA Weather Forecast and Weather alarm function
14.Busy Channel Lockout
15.Keyboard Lock (Auto/Manual)
16.Call ringtone (10 groups)

Programming software

1. USB driver address ( pls check firmware/software under support page)

Please download and install the USB driver by this link

2. Programming software ( pls check firmware/software under support page)

Please download and install software by this link

You can change other some functions by RB28/RB628 programming software

The difference features

1. NOAA Weather Forecast and Weather alarm function

Even if some FRS license-free radios also have this feature, it’s still the prominent feature in RB28/RB628

2.1.28 inch LCD screen

A few FRS license-free radio has the LCD screen, which depends on the difference from other FRS radios, easier to operate indoor or outdoor

If you’re interested in testing Retevis RB28/RB628 FRS/PMR license-free radio, welcome to order on

Any questions about RB28/RB628, please directly contact us by email,

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