What you most want to know about RB22 Amateur radio Part 1

Focus on the series of blogs to learn what are the functions and features of the new RB22 Amateur radio, how to operate it on both radio and software, some expert reviews from influential hams and the real feedback, and some Q&A about the RB22 from our customers. If you have any questions about RB22 Amateur radio, please leave them in the comments.

We will start with the basic information and the functions of RB22.

RB22 appearanceRB22 radio is a DMR ham radio with a half-keyboard and a clear color screen. And you can receive analog calls and digital calls at the same time in VFO mode.

Other functions like roaming function, encryption, message, private/group/all call, FM radio, recording, emergency alarm, key lock, TDMF signaling, remote kill, TOT, scanning functions.

RB22 Basic information


Channel space12.5kHz/25.0kHz
UHF: 400mHz-480mHzWorking temperature-20℃~ +60℃
Tx PowerHigh: 5W / Low: 1WSize102x54x35mm
Battery capacity1900mAhWeight233.9g

Next, let’s start with the Function shortcut keys.

6 buttons on the front panel

MenuStandbyshort pressmain menu
long press for 3slock or unlock
In menushort pressOK
Backstandbyshort pressOpen Zone list
In menushort pressBack to the last page
VFOshort pressProgramming the parameters
GreenStandbyshort pressEnable custom functions
long press for 3sEnable custom functions
RedAnytimeshort pressCancel or return
VFOshort pressAdjust channels according to arrows
Standbylong press for 3sEnter or return VFO mode
UPStandbyshort pressturn up
long press for 3sStart scanning and channel up
In menushort presschoose functions
DownStandbyshort pressturn down
long press for 3sStart scanning and channel down
In menushort presschoose functions

There are also 2 side buttons that allow you to select features based on your habits and preferences in the software. Please focus on Part 2: Software to customize the functions if you need help.

And then, let us know what function each symbol represents.


Look at the photo:

At the top, we can check the volume, time, and battery.

On the main screen, the channel number(CH14), zone number(Zone 1), mode(DN-digital mode), H/L power(Red The longer the progress bar, the higher the power), standby mode(White progress bar), and receiving(Green progress bar).

Menus and areas are accessible at the bottom of the screen.



This screen is in the VFO mode, there is a green hand to indicate where you are working. And there is a VFO logo in the upper left corner.

And in the VFO mode, the back button is the function, and enter the function, you can adjust the transmit and receive frequency, the H/L power, and the color code, and you can even turn off the channel.


That’s the end of the first part of the sharing, if you have any questions or concerns want to know, please do not hesitate to leave in the comments, or you can email us at support@retevis.com for a solution or a discount. And please follow our official website to get a discount retail price, follow our Facebook page to get the latest news and sharing.


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