Retevis RB28/RB628 business radios

Advantages of RB28/RB628 in business activities

In order to communicate quickly to improve work efficiency, many companies have equipped with walkie talkies for their employees. But it’s not easy to choose one from a sea of models. Retevis business radios — RB28(US version)/RB628(European version) may meet your needs.Next I will tell you why I recommend them:

Succinct appearance

Not only work ability, appearance can also reflect our professionalism. This is why we are required to wear formal clothes at work. As well, Walkie talkie also need to have a succinct appearance in business activities. The fuselage of Retevis RB28/RB628 is all black and it’s suitable for formal occasion.

RB28/RB628 Succinct appearance
RB28/RB628 Succinct appearance

Simple operation

One of the reasons for choosing walkie talkies as a communication tool is to improve efficiency by communicate quickly. So what we need is a two way radio with simple buttons and easy operation. As you can see from the picture above, Retevis RB28/RB628 only has five buttons in total. Thus employees can quickly learn how to operate.

License free

After buying the walkie talkies, applying for a certificate is not only time-consuming but also cumbersome. It’s really a hassle because it takes a lot of effort. However, Retevis RB28/RB628 is license free walkie talkie. Once you receive it, you can use it immediately. That’s really simplify matters.

Affordable price

Enterprises have huge expenses in all aspects, so the budget for purchasing walkie talkie is limited. It’s important to choose a sort of walkie talkie that not only easy to operate but also has affordable price. Retevis RB28/RB628 recently has a big discount, the price is only $39.99 for two walkie-talkies. It’s so lucky to get a good performance walkie talkie at such a favorable price.

All in all, choosing Retevis RB28/RB628  business radios will improve communication efficiency to promote your company development. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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