RT49P/RT649P floating two way radios

Retevis Floating two way radios RT49P/RT649P

Water activities are the favorite of outdoor enthusiasts on such a hot summer day. Kayaking, in particular, is a popular activity recently. RT49P(US version)/RT649P(European version), Retevis Floating two way radios, can bring a lot of convenience in water activities such as kayaking due to its superior floating function. Next I will tell you why I recommend it:

Useful floating function

In kayaking, if you row too far or lose your hand, the two way radio may fall into the lake. The worst thing is that it will sink to the bottom and never be found again. When that happens, you will in a bad mood and lose the tools to communicate with your peers. However, once RT49P/RT649P drops into the water, it will float on the surface of the water instead of sinking to the bottom. So even if it accidentally falls into the water, there is no need to worry about not being able to find it.

RT49P/RT649P floating
RT49P/RT649P floating


Excellent IP67 waterproof function

Waterproof function can prevent water from seeping into the inside of the equipment and causing damage. And IP67 is an extremely high waterproof standard. Under normal circumstances, it could stay in water up to a meter deep for half an hour without being damaged. Therefore, under special condition, RT49P/RT649P walkie talkie can be soaked in water or rain for a short time.

RT49P/RT649P waterproof
RT49P/RT649P waterproof

NOAA weather channel

In water activities such as kayaking, extreme weather like rain can lead to safety hazards or disruption. If you are America or Canada user, NOAA function provides weather forecast to you. There are 11 channels that let you select your area to ensure the weather forecast is accurate.

Convenient VOX function

If you need to communicate with your companions in the middle of kayaking, you have to stop and press the button of the intercom. This is very inconvenient. The VOX function of RT49P/RT649P can free your hands. If you turn on VOX, the microphone of the walkie talkie is always listening to your voice, and when it detects your voice, it will automatically start transmitting. That means you can communicate with companions while kayaking.

All in all, Retevis Floating two way radios — RT49P/RT649P brings you a lot of convenience in water activities such as kayaking. This floating and waterproof walkie talkie will give you a cheerful experience. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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