How to resolve some basic problems for radios?

Analysis and processing of common radio problems

1. can not power on or often power down?
Check whether the battery contacts are deformed or broken.

2. Walkie-talkie LCD display can not display or display incomplete?
Walkie-talkie worn or used improperly, caused by LCD broken or conductive rubber contact bad.

3.Do other group members conversation appear on your channel?
A.All radios in the group change another channel to communicate
B.Please change the CTCSS/DCS on all of the radios in the group, C.apply for a change frequency.

4. Does the radio have no sound at all?
A the volume switch broken, pull out the outshell of volume knob, switch by hand inside
b.speakers bad

5. Frequency interference
In the use of frequent frequency or received other radio noise, there are three ways:
A. Change the main frequency; b, Gaya audio; c, to improve the squelch level (under the same conditions, the emergence of individual machines applicable)

6. communication distance near
A.check if the antenna is in good condition, antenna seat is loose or damaged
B.change a high gain antennaB. whether set to low power, then change to high power
C. squelch level is set too high
D. If battery is low
E. If all above can not improve the communication distace, then apply to repeater to solve it

7. Receiving signal intermittent and accompanied by great noise?
May exceed the limit of communication distance of the walkie-talkie, or have big barriers, like tall buildings blocked in the basement and so on.

8. Can receive other radios speech but can not launch?
Check the PTT button is damaged, please try the headset with PTT key,if earpiece PTT key lauch normal, indicating that the radio PTT key is damaged.

9. Can not talk with other members of the group?
First make sure that the frequency and CTCSS/DCS you use are the same as the other members in the group. If there is no problem, please check if you and other members are within valid communication range

10. the other party receive a small voice?
A, check your radio MIC the hole is blocked
B, if volume of the end radio is rotating to the maximum

11. After programming a regular beep beep on the radio?
Intercom programming error. The frequency programmed is beyond the radio frequency rang, or the selected programming software model does not match the radio.

12. How long does it take for the battery to be used after normal charging?
If after charging, the battery always hold for a shot time.Battery life has come end, please replace the new battery. (Ni/Mh battery discharge durable for 500 times, lithium batteries 1000 times, the current market are generally using lithium batteries)

13. Do not scan the radio?
When the radio is programmed, the channel scan is not included (Professional settings) or the radio scan function is turned off.

14.Big Noise when switch the channels                                                                                                                                                                                                 There’s no frequency in this channel, write the frequency in this channel is ok

15. Whistle
At a distance of only a few meters between two radios, there’ll be whistle. This is a normal phenomenon,increase the communicate distance can resove

16. Can not read / write?
A.USB driver is not compatible with the computer system
B.the programming cable used is not brand correct cable
C.walkie-talkie and cable is not connecting good, pull out the cable and USB part,plug in firmly again
D.check if you are using the correct model programming software

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42 thoughts on “How to resolve some basic problems for radios?”

  1. My RT84 has a problem where the Volume changes all by itself – without anyone touching the Volume Knob.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  2. I have done everything I can think of to get this radio to accept CSV contacts list and still says FIRMWARE ERROR. I have downgraded to 2.02 from 2.03 and even did the factory reset code plug and still no luck. Please advise as I am not enjoying this product in the condition it is in.

    1. Hi, would you please check your radio’s version? really the V2.02?
      find your radio setting to check your radio version.

  3. Hi there
    I have 2 x RT87s.
    The problem is when transmitting between them they do not correctly identify on which channel the transmission should be received. (A or B)
    90% of the time the wrong channel receive the incoming transmission and nothing can be heard because the channels use different frequencies and different tones.
    I have double checked the channel settings and everything is identical on both RT87s.
    How can i fix this problem because it makes the RT87s unusable.
    I have done vfo and full reset already.
    Thank you in advance.

  4. I have a RETCVIS RT3 and let the battery run completely down. When I charged the unit and powered it on all that I had was a White screen. What can I do to get the display back.

  5. I have the retevis rt-90. It worked well and made a contact 1300 miles away. That was good audio, but I added more station (eg WWENGLISH and etc) now I am not hearing any one talking. Yes the speaker sounds off at start up. If some one comes on line I see the call sign on the screen. squelch is set at 3. I do believe it is somewhere in the code plug (audio)[ audio setup.]

    1. Seigner Alain

      Bonjour, J’ai un mobile retevis rt 90, j’ai brancher un hp exterrieure et apré l’avoir débrancher je n’est plus de l’audio sur le poste.
      comment faire pour rétablire l’audio. Merci. Alain.
      St Cyr le 09 Avril 2021-

  6. I just got my nRT3S programmed and it has no receive volume and sticks on transmit if I press the PTT.

    Literally out of the box an hour…

    Anyone any ideas? is there a specific order to inoputting the info in the software for programming the radio?

    Scratching my head….a lot.

  7. Hi James,
    I managed to get the codeplug sorted. The radio seems to have programmed fine ( Yay ! ) but is randomly transmitting for no apparent reason?!!

  8. James,
    thankfully I realised what was going on. The VOX sensitivity was set at 3 and the beeps from the button presses were setting the transmit into action!
    It took me a little while to work this out….

    All good now and radio is performing well. DMR programming sure is fun.

    many thanks for the support.

  9. i recently purchased an rt-95
    Im not getting any sound through internal speaker just through mic when i select from options menu.. i bought it second hand but was told it was brand new and unused

  10. I have a RT27, when I connect regular earbuds in speaker output the sound still come out of walkie and not from the earbuds.

    1. Hi, dear, very sorry for the delay! Can I know Which model of earbuds are you using? Many thanks

  11. Hi, just regular earbuds with 1/8 single connector connected to the speaker output of the RT27. Nothing connected to the mic port of the Walkie. I just want the audio to come out of the earbuds instead of the walkie speaker.
    Thank you.

  12. Hello there,
    My retevis rt5r has a super low volume. I use the control volume to turn it up all the way and it’s still super low. Any way I can adjust this?

    1. Hi, dear, very sorry for the delay! Did it happen when you bought it? Did it get into the water? Could you please share us a video of your problem? Here is our e-mail:, thank you so much and have a nice day!

  13. Tomas E. Nazario

    I have a retevis rt3s radio with the problem of transmitting that says that it is 5 watts and transmits in high power with 3 watts of output and with the problem of receiving that it does not receive well, I think the radio is badly calibrated, how can you repair these problems

    1. Hi, dear, very sorry for the delay! I will send you a codeplug for RT3S, please have a try and have a nice day!

  14. Hi, I have a RT1 radio. when I press the Ptt button, there are 4 quick beeps that can be heard on the unit and also on the receiving units. How can I eliminate this. It only happens on one of my 6 radios. That Radio was a new addition to my other 5.

    1. Hi, dear, very sorry for the delay! I will send you a new version software, you can turn off the beep function. Please have a try and have a nice day!

  15. bonjour,
    pouvez vous me faire parvenir le manuel du RT 27 en Français si possible.
    bien cordialement

  16. Hello. May you help me to reset to default my Retevis RT90 GPS? S/N 1910R0901100067 . I got an update firmware from the Retevis support, update the firmware successful. Want to be able to store 100.000 contacts. I did upload the CSV file with contacts 80.000. Upload a CSV file. But the radio is able to see only 10.000 contacts. Than the display become crazy. I did upload restore code plug from Retevis web site. Now come the big problem. The radio beeps non stop, display is empty, not able to turn off the radio from the power button. Help me please. Want to restore the radio to default. The was used less than 30 minutes total, brand new.

  17. Thomas Simmons

    I have one channel that was working fine. I could hear everything clear and now that only channel sounds like they are under water. All other channels are fine. Is this a issue with radio or on the 911 dispatch side?

    1. Hi,
      first would you please tell us your radio model and order ID? Then would you please describe your problem clearly?
      You mean your radio only one channel works, the others don’t work? or your radio has one channel with problem?

  18. I have the Retevis RT-602 22 and one of the speakers is broken. Is there a way I can fix it?

    1. Hi, would you please tell us which paltform you ordered? And also offer your order ID.
      Then the corresponding sales will contact with you!

  19. Hi everybody! I have recently purchased a rt3s gps and I’m learning to program it. I have a problem: the radio transmit a short call every minute and the “lone worker” is disabled. I didn’t find any command to solve it, I also updated the firware even if it was already ok. How can I stop this issue? Another question: all the explanations about the use of the squelch are relating to 3 levels; I have 10 positions (1-9 plus 0) but i don’t know what is the right setting for a maximum sensitivity in RX, mainly in digital modem in fact i often notice the green led flashing but i can’t ear nothing. Thanks in advance!

  20. Brandon Landwehr

    I purchased 25 radios on two separate occasions. I am using the same the newest drivers and software sent by retevis. I have tried just writing what i have entered on a previously programmed radio on the new ones. None of them will communicate with the others, or the green light turns on that someonr is talking with no sound, or the voice scrambler is scrambling the person’s voice. Every channel number matches, every frequency, every squelch level, Ctcss/dcs number matches…..nothing works.

    1. Glenn A Elfbrandt

      I have similar problem on analog. Green light turns on, speaker icon between the big A and frequency is on. Occasionally the audio will break through and the big A turns green, but only for a couple of seconds. I’ve tried squelch levels as high as 5 and as low as 0. no luck.

  21. Bonjour a tous
    mon problème est le suivant (Voici plusieurs semaines que je bataille avec mon RT3S !) Tous fonctionne correctement aussi bien en mode simplex qu’en mode duplex ANALOGIQUE ,
    MAIS en mode duplex NUMERIQUE l’affichage du shift + ou – est correct en fonction de la configuration des répéteurs ,mais hélas en mode TX la LED clignote en rouge et l’émission
    est de très courte durée (quelques milliseconde ) .
    Ce problème est-il dù a une mauvaise programmation de la configuration ?
    Quelle en est la raison, et surtout le moyen dit remédier . Merci d’avance

  22. I’m having an issue I bought a bunch of both retevis walkies and also there brand 2 prong headsets but when there plugged together they seem to disable ptt and go right to hotmic they all do this is it a setting error?

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