How to start Digital Radio DFU development firmware upgrade mode

How to Start digital radio Development Uprgade firmware mode (DFU).

Some customers said when upgraded  RT82 firmware, the radio stuck in DFU mode.

What is DFU mode?

DFU full name is Development firmware upgrade mode.  Most digital radios can be upgraded  with firmware to correct bugs and some new functions,but analogy radio cant do this.

Let’s take Retevis RT82,RT3 and Ailunce HD1 as example.

Start RT82 Dual band Digital Radio firmware upgrade DFU mode

Press PTT button and alarm button (on the top of radio) together then turn on radio. At this time, red and green led blinking, it is in DFU mode progress then.


Start Retevis Digital radio RT3  upgrade firmware mode:

Press PTT button and side key up PTT together, turn on radio. indicator light red and green blinking. RT3 is in DFU progress.



Digital Radio Ailunce HD1:
Press PTT and side key together turn on radio, indicator light blink red, Screen no bright, now HD1 is in DFU progress.



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