What shall we do when can not programming radio?

Most of radios need programming by software to realize some function, so we can meet the problem can’t programming radio, Simply introduce programming common questions

1.Programming cable Questions

Retevis most of radios use C9018A programming cable, but some radios have dedicated programming cable. RT3&RT8 is J9110P, RT6 is J9114P, RT25 is J9124P, RT82 is J9127P, Before programming radio, pls check your programming cable is right

C9018A: https://www.retevis.com/2-pin-programming-cable-for-retevis-h777

J9110P: https://www.retevis.com/original-usb-programming-cable-for-retevis-rt3-rt8-radio

J9114P: https://www.retevis.com/new-black-retevis-rt6-radio-programming-cable

J9127P: https://www.retevis.com/usb-programming-cable-for-rt82-dmr-radio

2.”The Device Manager” Questions

Right click on “My computer” , Clicking the “Device Manager”, Opening the port(COM & LPT), you can find the Prolific USB-to-Serical Comm Port(COM?), if appear the symbol “!”, stand for that the installation have question, pls install again

3. Communication Port Questions

Choose the correct communication port, Opening the software, Clicking the “Setup”, Clicking the “communication port”, Choosing the 3 step which we saw the comm port (COM?) at computer

4.Radio and Computer Port Question

Pls check the programming cable if it’s tight between radio port and computer port, if not, pls connect them again to avoid loose

When you meet above questions, pls right to operate them, any questions, pls feel free to contact us, always here for your coming!

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2 thoughts on “What shall we do when can not programming radio?”

  1. provato ha installare il programma rt95 ,ho notato che solo in lingua inglese è originale,in italiano non cè .Poi come mai non si trova nel programma la possibilità di fare gli aggiornamenti al programma.

    1. The programming software only have English and Chinese language. You can programme it in English.

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