• Question 1: Why the radio can receive but couldn’t transmit signal?
  • Answer:
  • 1: Make sure the 2 radio are the the same frequency and channel
  • 2: The difference between CTCSS and DCS,you need to program them to the same
  • 3: Lower battery: Please fully charged before use them
  • 4: Press PTT and confirm if the indicator light is red,if not,there is a problem with the PTT
  • Question 2: Why the radio can transmit but couldn’t receive signal?
  • Answer:
  • 1:May it because of in the same frequency the CTCSS is different.Please confirm if it is the same by programming the radio.
  • 2: Turn up the voice
  • 3: Lower battery:Please fully charged before use them
  • Question 3: Why the radio keep saying “Please change battery”?
  • Answer:
  • 1: There is a problem with the battery,please change other battery to have a try
  • 2: There is a problem with the battery connector:Please check if the radio body and the battery connected tightly
  • 3:If the above solution still didn’t work,please contact with the seller for help
  • Question 4: Why receiving signal is noisy?
  • Answer:
  • 1:Because of the signal interference:Please go to open area to have a try.And also,please change the CTCSS and DCS by programming the radio
  • 2:Squelch level is too low:Please turn up the Squelch level by programming the radio
  • 3: Forgot to install the antenna
  • 4:May there is a problem with the radio speaker,please use the earpiece to try.
  • Question 5: Can this radio work with other brand radio?
  • Answer:
  • If their frequency is with 400-470 MHz ,please program them to the same frequency and same CTCSS/DCS.They can communicate each other
  • Question 6: Why the radio channel is noisy and change it by itself?
  • Answer:
  • 1: May the channel is empty frequency, please write the frequency by programming
  • 2: May you open the VOX function, please turn off this function
  • Question 7: How to improve the radio distance ?
  • Answer:
  • 1:Choose the high power by programming radio
  • 2:Choose the high gain antenna
  • 3: Fully charged before use the radio
  • 4:The distance depends on the environment.If you use it in open area,it will be further.
  • Question 8: Do I need to program the radio before use it?
  • Answer:
  • If you need,you can program.However,if you don’t need.Just open the box and make sure they are in the same channel.


Switch between Chinese and English:    Stay Channel 15, to press PTT and MONITOR

Voice function turn ON or OFF:                  Stay Channel 10, to press PTT and MONITOR

Scan function turn ON or OFF:                   Stay Channel 16, to press PTT and MONITOR


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17 thoughts on “RETEVIS H777 Radio FAQ”

  1. H777 VOX does not activate. I have special head sets with voice mic but two different identification numbers; X000NLQCNL and LPN RR 064286939. Should they work with each other? I tried to activate VOX by manual instructions but did not work. If I need to program, how do I obtain the software and cables?

  2. I purchased radio specifically for the VOX capabilities, however doesn’t appear that with current out of box headset is possible? What do I need? Software? if i do need software then I guess also will need the USB cable? do i need a different mic?

  3. How do I program the walkie to scan all channels? I want my walkie to scan all channels, but the other ones to have a dedicated channel.

  4. VOX does not work on my h777 I have activated using the software and still nothing, I recently purchased 4 of these and none of these work. Is this something I am doing wrong surely all 4 cannot be faulty? also I saw a blog that states some early “M labeled” radio do not work, can you provide 2 images to compare the ones that do to the ones that don’t please.


  5. When I try to download the software, fisrt it shows a google Icon and comes up with the following message

    D:\Retevis Porgramming software\H-777-RT7 Programming software.rar

    X D:\Retevis Porgramming software\H-777-RT7 Programming software.rar

    Class not registered

    1. “rar” is a compression file, please note you need “un-compress” it first before “setup”.

  6. I have 3 out of ten radios that will not take the different channels i am trying to put into them. They work ok with the factory channels. Any ideas?

  7. Hi, it seems that is no difference beetwin hi power and low power about transmission. Which are the different power?

    1. hello, H777 actual power is around 3W, as H7777 is not a high power radio, so it’s high power and lower is no obvious step difference. Thanks.

    1. Hello! sorry for the delay.
      1. check if the charger is properly connected and not loose
      2. Do you have any other chargers? Try to charge.
      3. Can the walkie-talkie be used normally after charging?
      4. The charger is broken

  8. I have six H-777 devices with mic/phones. The VOX function is not working. These units are a couple of years old. I have carefully followed the instructions and VOX is not work.

    Please send me instruction on how to get this feature working.

    Thanks, Bruce

    1. Hi,as i Know, now the H777 don’t have the VOX function.
      Here we suggest you contact with your seller to check it.

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