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What’s Retevis headset catagory?

What’s Retevis headset catagory?

1, air tube earpiece(convert earpiece)
This headset has a transparent tube, very good concealment effect. It is recommended in the implementation of hidden tasks. And the headset is installed directly into the ear canal, you can isolate external noise to some extent. It’s comfortable after long-time wearing. (recommend C9005A)

2, ear bone spread to the headset

headset vibration then vibration directly into the listening nerve to listen to information. this headset suitable for a long time wearing, suitable for confidential communication requirements crowd to use. Ear bone headphones is the direction of the development of headphones.(recommend C9047A)

3, throat-mic headset

It did not have a traditional microphone, he directly collect vibration of the throat when talking, into the sound of electrical signals. This earpiece can filter the environment noise, suitable for the environment noise is very large call output side. Such as sawmills, construction sites, battlefields and so on. It has a very goods communication quality.

4, adjustable throat-mic headset

Same as throat-mic headset, just adapt to different neck thickness of the different people.(recommend C9026A)

5, large PTT headphones

This headset PTT is very large, the diameter of 3 ~ 5cm. Suitable for wearing gloves operation.

6, unilateral tactical headphones

fixed by bypassing the forehead, the back of the brain strap, and can be easily fitted with helmet or other equipment. Generally have a single side of the large headphone, a hard tube adjustable to fix the microphone. Easy to use in the outdoor vigorous exercise.

7, totally closed headphones

It has two headphones, headphones completely cover the ears, good isolation from environmental noise, but also to protect the ears from too large noise. Generally used for ground service and pilots.(recommend C0257A)

8, helmet headphones

Helmet headphones fixed inside helmet. The biggest advantage of this headset is to isolate the wind noise caused by the rapid driving of the vehicle.

9, bar headphones

It is characterized by a microphone can be fixed near the mouth. Used when you need to operate other equipment while communication.

10, ear hanging headphones

Ear hanging normally has D-type, G shape and so on. Generally used for security service, staff communications and other environments. When earpiece reuirements are not high demand.

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