Environment affect radio talking range

Radio talking range affected by many factors,such as battery power, antenna gain,environmental or topographical conditions and so on.Environment is main factor to affect radio radio talking range,it’s different talking range in city,mountain area or sea


As there are many buildings in city,which hinder radio signal,so the radio talking range is very short,.if you want to make sure that talking is clear under the building is a few or short distance

Retevis RT40 radios

The mountain area surrounded by mountains,two radios could talking is very hard,there is a way that you can stand in mountain top to better talking or build a repeater

Retevis RT1 radios

It’s very broad in sea, as far as the eye can see,the talking range is far and clear,there’s no trouble as city and mountain.

Retevis RT81 radios

Environment is also including weather and altitude,so the talking range is affect by many fators.many customers ask a radio talking range, I want to say it’s uncertain depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions, any questions, pls feel free to contact me: info@retevis.com

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