Retevis RT22/RT24/RT40 business license free walkie-talkie

Retevis RT22/RT24/RT40 business license free walkie-talkie


RT22/RT24/RT40: this three model is retevis’s the only business license free walkie-talkie.


1.The common point of RT22/RT24/RT40

Small and handiness, Easy to operation, license free walkie-talkie.


2.The difference of RT22/RT24/RT40 business license free walkie-talkie

(1). Type of Radio

RT22: Analog radio
RT24: Analog Radio
RT40: Analog & Digital Radio


(2). Frequency range:

RT22: FRS462MHz:462.5000 to 462.7250 (USA Frequency standard)
RT24: PMR446 (EU Frequency standard)

RT40: FRS 462 – 467MHz (USA Frequency standard)
PMP446.0-446.2MHz (EU Frequency standard)


(3). Power:

RT22: Max: 2Watts
RT24: Max: 0.5Watts
RT40: Min: 0.5Watts, Max: 2Watts


(4). Channel:

RT22: 16 Channels
RT24: 16 Channels
RT40: 48 Channels

(5). Supply voltage:

RT22: Li-ion 3.7V/1000mAh
RT24: Li-ion 3.7V/1100mAh
RT40: Li-ion 3.7V/1700mAh


(6). Characteristic:

RT22: Small and nice, High quality precision circuit design, Short Antenna
RT24: No subscriptions, Instant communication
RT40: Support Analog and digital modes on the same hardware, Clear Voice, DMR SIGNALING, Group calls, Private calls and All calls, Reliable and Durable.


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2 thoughts on “Retevis RT22/RT24/RT40 business license free walkie-talkie”

  1. It Is possibile to trasform RT 22 into 5 Watts…or have you similari in structure walkie talkie ( rt622 rt15)… But i Need more range… thanks

    1. Hi, i am so sorry, if you want the more range, you can consider about the high power radio.

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