Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie Comparison


1,About Retevis

Retevis have many models for kid walkie talkies,but how to choose the most suitable for our kids?That will be a question.Here i list all the models and to make a comparison.

The compare between Retevis Children walkie talkies

ModelpictureChannelsBatteryColorAge GroupPowerTransmissionFeaturesquantity
RT31EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)22CH3*AAA(not include)Navy blue+Yellow3+0.5w2kmMini Body2pcs
RT35EU(PMR446 16CH/US(462)22CHLi-ion Battery+Double Connector USB CableBlue+Orange6+0.5w2kmDigital Clock+Rechargeable2pcs
RT36EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)14CH3*AAA+Double Connector USB CableMain blue3+0.5w1kmRobot shape+Rechargeable2pcs
RT32EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)14CH4*AAA(Include)Green6+0.5w2kmMulti-colors2pcs
RT388EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)22CH4*AAA(Not Include)Black/Blue/Pink/Yellow/Sky Blue6+0.5w2kmMulti-colors2pcs
RT33EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)22CH3*AAA(Not Include)Camouflage6+0.5w2kmColor2pcs
RT628EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)22CH3*AA(Not Include)Red/White/Black6+0.5w2kmMulti-functions2pcs
RT602EU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)22CHLion battery+Charger baseOrange6+0.5w2kmMini Body+Rechargeable2pcs
RT388PlusEU(PMR446 8CH/US(462)22CH4*AAA(Not Include)+ChargerPink6+0.5w2kmRechargeable2pcs
























2,How to make a choose?

So i think you should consider the age of your kids,some of the children walkie talkies with many functions like Scan,Monitor.If your kid is not more than 3 years old,the radio with these functions will no useful.

But if your kid is more than 6 years old,he/she is learning new things during this period.So choose Multi-Function will be suitable for him/her.

One Chinese proverb says: Only buy right, not buy expensive.So make sure the right radio will be your first choose. Kids like or not is the only criterion to judge your desicion.
If any idea or any suggestions,please leave me a message or email me





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