Retevis two-way radio referee solutions

During a football match, in time and effective communication between referee, coach, and other workers is very important for a successful match.

Like if you are a soccer/football fan, then you have seen soccer referees in match like Coppa Italia,DFB-CUP,Coupe de France,and World Cup matches wearing and using a communication system to talk with one another.

Many football referees contact retevis, ask for a radio suitable for football match communication.

The problems for their previous communication system are mainly:

-Too expensive
-Too many wires
-Too heavy to wear (a transmitter is belt to your shorts when you run around)
-Uncomfortable to use as you are running and sweating
-Short standby time ( Need to work for at least three hours straight at one time)
-No Open communication (i.e. no need to push to talk)
– Earpiece not comfortable after long-time wear

People can build their own suitable and cheaper systems by buying retevis 2-way walkie talkies, headsets, batteries, etc.

Retevis RT21 advantage:

Elegent and smart body
with scramber function which makes your communication more confidential to unrelated person.
VOX function: makes your hands-free
Clear tube keenwood 2pin earpiece compatible:
C9005A: comfortable after long-time wearing
Key point: very stable quality and very good feedback, but with  affordable price.

We have other models which is also suitable for football match referees, any requirement, please feel free to contact, thanks!


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