Retevis MURS Radio-RT47V Handheld Radios

Retevis MURS Radio-RT47V Handheld Radios.

Retevis RT47V is the MURS radio, it is the license-free band two way radios. You can use it for your business or for outdoor adventures. If you want to know more about MURS, you can check the FCC website to know more.

Our Retevis RT47V, similar to the model RT47, just band is different. Retevis RT47 is the FRS band license-free radio, it is the UHF license-free radio. But Retevis RT47V is the VHF band License-free radio.

Where to use Retevis RT47V MURS radio?

1, When you have the big outdoor event, two way radios will be a good choice.  Retevis RT47V can help you to connect with other partners.

2, Camping or fishing outdoor. If your kids is playing out of your sight, ask your kids to carry a radio will be better. Usually we will choose the suburbs to be the camping places, so the VHF band radio will be better than the UHF band radio.

3, Connect with your neighbor. As I know, now there are lots of people will choose the radios to be the tools to keep in touch with their neighbors.

4, Families and kids play together. Usually play the cops and robbers, radios will be is an essential tool.

Retevis RT47V features

1, IP67 waterproof

Now there are lots of MURS radios in the market, but as we know, the VHF band usually will be used outdoor, so before purchasing, check if it is the waterproof. Also please check the grade.

2, Well built and removed antenna

Retevis RT47V is the well-build MURS radio. and with the removed antenna. You can use your antenne instead.

3, Side key buttons

If you don’t want to program your radio by software, the side key buttons have its meanings. Press Up or Down button, you can change the channel number.

Long Press the down button, it will lock.  Long press again, it will unlock.

4,  Easy to use

This radio is the license-free radio. We designed it to be easy to use

Some customers bought RT47V for their grandma and grandpa. We got the feedback: very simple to operate.

Where to order?

It is very easy to order from our website, click Buy It Now


Any questions, please leave comments below or contact us by email:

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