Retevis RT29 Long diatance radio

Why RT29 long-distance analog radio so popular?

We have analyzed the data from the Retevis website, and we found RT29 is popular recently. About 37k customers visited this product, and over a hundred customers have bought it. Then, let us discuss why the RT29 so popular and how it meets customers’ needs.

From our previous blogs, you can understand the features of this product.


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And we can summarize it as long-distance, safe, and use for a long time analog radio. Also, we can use it in many kinds of situations like outdoor sports, business workplaces, and emergency activities. 

But why it’s used in these scenes?

Outdoor sports like hiking, skiing, fishing, tripping, and others. The two-way radio can work in a long-distance and time to help users talk. And you can adjust the power from 10w, 4w, 1w according to the distance. If you are in the field, you can even connect within 3km. 


For business workplaces, RT29 is enough safety because of the special encoding. So, others cannot decode the signal unless they know the correct encoding or decoding technique.

And in emergency activities, in addition to being able to hold calls for a long time, it also provides high-quality calls. Benefit from the voice companding function. The function can compress your voice and minimize noise interference, then the voice will be more clear when the receiver hears.

emergency scene

Finally, RT29 is favored by customers among the many products by its unique characteristics. To thank our customers for their love of this product, we are also offering a discount, which can be found on the product page. If RT29 is already in your shopping cart or favorites, hurry to buy it.

Leave any questions about the product in the comments section and we’ll work on it together.


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