spring picnic and rt22

Small and Light RT22 in Spring Picnic

Spring is a good time for a picnic with your families, your friends, and your dogs. But a clear question is you have to bring too many things and too heavy. Let us imagine, your families are planning to have a picnic in a park. And you have a 2 years old son and 5 years old daughter. When you arrive at the park, you should take care of your children, and you have to remove the food, toys, tools, and other items from your car. So, do you want everything to become small and light?

If yes, you may like our Retevis RT22, it is small (135*54*21mm) and lightweight (126g)., and the RT22 removes the long antenna. Therefore, RT22 is smaller and portable. To compare to your phone:

comparison RT22
And, maybe you have found the RT22 with camouflage color. It is suitable for outdoor activities and military enthusiasts. And the ABS material makes RT22 stronger, to meet the outdoor sportswear and fall resistance needs.

According to the live test in our R&D center, signals can be received within 1.8km (about 1.12 miles), and within 1.5km can receive a clear voice.

Did you move?

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