RT73 used for search and rescue teams

RT73 is the Best Friend for Search and Rescue Teams

Why do I say Retevis RT73 is the best friend for search and rescue teams and why does it work for a search and rescue team? I will show the answer and relative information.

First: What is Retevis RT73?

RT73 is a Mini GPS Dual Band DMR Mobile Radio. From the specification, the overall dimensions only 121.5*65.5*42.5mm, and compare to a 9.7inch iPad, like this:compare the size with RT73 and ipad

No doubt, RT73 is smaller than others, and you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your vision and operation.
In addition, you can use all the functions on the digital radio, such as DMR and Analog change, monitor, scan, VOX, TOT, DTMF, FM, Remote kill, stun and activity, and other functions. For the search and rescue team, the recording, GPS, one-key call, digital pending, alarm functions are helpful and important. And any other functions, features, and information can be through RT73 dual band DMR mobile radio.

And you can gain the specification from the RT73 specification page.

Second: Why search and rescue teams need mobile radio?

Official or unofficial search and rescue teams always execute the tasks by cars, helicopters, even boats. Each vehicle will limit the number of people, resulting in the use of several vehicles for each activity, and communication will become difficult. So, they need a more convenient and efficient way to communicate with each other. And mobile radio becomes the best friend for search and rescue teams. Also, They are always on duty in dangerous situations, so the emergency alarm function is necessary.

Next: Why RT73 can solve the problems of search and rescue teams?

  • Apparent: it is small and can easily install on vehicles.
  • Functions: As mentioned earlier, it can use most of the functions of digital and analog walkie-talkies, so it satisfies most of the needs.
  • Operation: It’s configured with a microphone. You can make efficient calls without compromising your driving.

Thus, Retevis RT73 is the best friend for search and rescue teams, and it has also made unremitting efforts to save human lives and maintain human safety.

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