RA26 VHF 88 Channels 5W IP67 Floats Flashes-alarm NOAA Marine Transceiver

Retevis RA26——New Choice For Marine Radio!

For marine radio, RT55 is an old one with many functions and the feedback from the market is good. Retevis keep on trying, then Retevis RA26 is here with you! 

For RT55,  IP67 and float, Vibration Water Draining Function.

As a new marine radio, RA26 has IP67 waterproof function, we designed it a very light radio, so when it drops into the water, you can still find it and pick it up! Just like RT55, the vibration function will help drain the water inside the radio!

Retevis RA26——New Choice For Marine Radio!
Retevis RA26——New Choice For Marine Radio!

A lot of smartphones have a quick charger function, and we applied this function on our marine radio Retevis RA26. When the phone signal is dead on the sea, the radio is a perfect tool for communication or rescue. It will help you once you are in danger!

Also, we designed the RA26 with a Micro-B USB charger,  the desktop charger is an old function. With a USB charger cable, you can save more time and space. And with 11 Hours of Battery Life, a 4-step Battery Life Indicator will make you learn more about your radio battery.

It is a vital tool for you when you go out on the sea!

If you have any questions about our product, please email us: partner@retevis.com or leave messages below.

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