RetevisRT49P Outdoor For Aviation Industry

Recently, we accepted an OEM order from Great Hawk Air Service in the United States. Customize RT49P for it. The best RetevisRT49P outdoor for aviation industry. Today, I will introduce the inquiry order for everyone to explain.

First, the question of quotation. If you are interested in RT49P, waterproof walkie-talkie RT29 and RT47, you can email to inquire for quotation and cost. RETEVIS has always been cooperating with customers with a win-win attitude. Therefore, the quotation we provide must be satisfactory to both parties.

Second, the communication problem. For airlines, the requirements for distance, waterproof, and communication stability are relatively high. And has its own frequency. These can be customized. So please rest assured.

The aviation industry is very important for the timeliness of communication. In emergencies, it is important and necessary to be able to grasp first-hand information and respond in time.

Due to the special circumstances of the epidemic this year, safety issues have been placed at the most important position. I also hope that people in the aviation industry can protect themselves while working.The best RetevisRT49P Outdoor For Aviation Industry.

At the same time, walkie-talkies are also indispensable for use in scenarios such as airports and aviation schools. Welcome Inquiry. Inquiry now has a great price advantage.

For more information, you can leave a message in the comment area or click the link to query.

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