License-free two-way radio RB15 with Vibration

Retevis RB15—— Small Size, Big World!

Retevis RB15 has a very small size. Don’t look down on its small size, small radio also has a big dream. Retevis RB15 is definitely can not be ignored!

Retevis RB15 is a license-free model, so it can be used for every person, you can use it freely, no extra money paid for the agency, no restrictive rules from government, just use it as you want! If you just want to talk with your friends or business use. Except you want to be a specialist in the radio world. You can choose RB15 as ordinary, business, outdoor, and active use.

RB15 has a small size, you can put it into your pocket or hold it in your hand easily! It also has a sturdy body and lightweight. But you should be careful when you go out with it, small radio is not found when it gets lost.

License-free two-way radio RB15 with Vibration
License-free two-way radio RB15 with Vibration

For most radios, if you want to activate to VOX function on the radio, you need a programming cable, software for the radio, but for Retevis RB15, it doesn’t, its VOX function can free your hands totally! And it supports USB charging,  when you go out, there is no need for worrying about it running out of power! Take a battery bank with it, you can charge the radio anytime!

And for the most important part: if you have many radios, you want the settings like frequencies, CTCSS/DCS same, you need to use programming cable to change every radio’s settings. But for Retevis RB15, Wireless Clone is very powerful and helps you save a lot of time!

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  1. How to activate VOX function on Retevis RB15? The user manual and online video are not clear on this.

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