Walkie talkies and multiple charger group sales are available!

Multiple charger can charge up to 5 or 6 menu holders at a time,it simply eliminates the need of keeping many chargers. Multi-unit chargers allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. When you order walkie talkies, if there are a few radios and multiple chargers are sold together, you will think it is more convenient and caring, right? We have many customers want multiple chargers, it is more convenient to charge and sales with walkie talkies, you don’t have to worry about which charger is compatible with it, we have prepared it for you. Our new combined sales method, let us learn which walkie talkie they are.

  1. RT18/RT618 Dual PTT walkie talkie and 5 port chargerhttps://www.retevis.com/Dual-PTT-Ultra-Thin-Radio-RT18-RT618-5pack–with-5-Port-USB-charger/#

RT18/RT618 are small size license-free radio, dual PTT is a bright spot.

2. RT49/RT649 with 5 port charger, here is the link:https://www.retevis.com/5-Port-charger-with-5-RT49-RT649-FRS-PMR446-License-free-Two-Way-Radio/#A9164A+RTC501

It includes 4pcs RT49/RT649 with a 5 port charger, before you place an order, please check it carefully.

  1. RT48/RT648 IP67 walkie talkie with 5 Port charger: https://www.retevis.com/5-Port-charger-with-5-Waterproof-IP67-License-free-business-Radio-RT48/#A9155A

RT48 is IP67 license-free radio, withstands constant submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes.

4.4pcs RT19/RT619 license-free radio with RTC501 charger:https://www.retevis.com/5-Port-USB-Wall-Charger-RTC501-with-4-RT19-RT619-license-free-Two-Way-Radio/#

This group also includes 4pcs radios, with Ultrathin fuselage.

5.RT68/RT668 license-free with RTC501 charger:https://www.retevis.com/5-Port-charger-with-4-RT68-RT668-License-free-radio/#A9175ARTC501

The above are the main walkie talkies are sold in combination, besides, we also have other group sales, they are RT21, H777 and RB17,you can search on www.retevis.com freely.

Are you interested in multiple charger group sales now? If you are interested in or have any suggestions, please contact partner@retevis.com freely.

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