Retevis RB36 Two-way Loudspeaker for your business!

The Retevis RB36 loudspeaker integrates walkie-talkie and loudspeaker functions. It can talk to the walkie-talkie two-way through the frequency writing. It is equipped with a large-function speaker and the sound can cover a large area. RB36 is suitable for factory workshops, school classrooms, playgrounds, and restaurants, Scenic spots, conference halls, etc., large venues with loudspeaker needs. Retevis RB36 can enrich the commercial use scenarios of walkie-talkies, does not require charging. And is more suitable for use in fixed location scenarios, enabling better collaboration between staff and improving work efficiency.

Retevis RB36 Two-way Loudspeaker for your business!
Retevis RB36 Two-way Loudspeaker for your business!


1, Plug and play, wireless connection, no wiring required
2,10W wall-mountable loudspeaker, wide sound coverage
3,16-channel two-way intercom, compatible with 400-470MHz Radio through frequency writing;
4, The 500-meter communication distance in an open area can meet the requirements of short-distance communication;
5, It can form multiple matching modes with walkie-talkies: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many
6, Switch channel English voice broadcast

When you want to use Retevis RB36, you need a radio and set the radio a frequency the same as the RB36. Set them as the same CTCSS/DCS. Then you can use it!

If you are interested in Retevis RB36, Please feel free to contact us at or leave comments below. If you have a business needs this device and want a test, please feel free to contact us!


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