Retevis RT21

Retevis RT21 battery life

The battery of the Retevis RT21 is the rechargeable battery, reusable, practical and environmentally friendly.

Retevis RT21 Specifications:

Voltage: 3.7V

Type: Li-ion

Battery capacity: 1100mAh

Weight: 68g

Retevis RT21

The charging time of the of the retevis RT21 original battery is about 4 hours, the usage time is up to 10-12 hours, and the battery lasts longer in standby mode. The light weight of the retevis RT22 battery can easy to carry, suitable for the outdoor use.


Charging operations of the retevis RT22 battery as follows:

1) Power off

2) Insert the DC adaptor plug in the DC jack on the back of charger

3) Insert the AC adaptor plug in the AC power output socket

4) Insert the battery or radio with battery vertically in a charger, to check whether the battery and charger terminal is in normal contact.

5) Make sure the battery and charger terminal is in good contact, when the charging indicator light turns red, it starts charging.

6) Green light means it have finished charging.


Self-testing before charging the retevis RT21 battery:

When the charger powers up, if the orange indicator lights for one second and then goes out, entering the standby mode, the charger passes the self-testing and can charge the battery. If the orange indicator blinks constantly, the charger fails to pass the self-testing, and can not charge the battery.



  1. Before inserting the battery, it is abnormal if the charging indicator blinks.
  2. To change the battery for charging, please wait until the indicator is stable.
  3. When the battery is well inserted, the indicator turns red and the charging is on the process, if the indicator blinks, then the battery is damaged or the temperature is too high or too low.


If there are some issues when charging,you can change the battery or another charging base to found which part have the issue.


There is the suggestion that not using the radio when charging, or long time will reduce battery life.

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