The difference between Retevis RT21 and other

Comparison of Retevis H-777, Retevis RT21, H-777S

Retevis RT21 is  have the CTCSS and DCS function,
Retevis RT21 work well for all various business, and it will have the good performance for hotel,church,restaurant,school,construction site and other business.
The belt clip of RT21 is relatively large than these,Every radio have their belt clip and switch the VOX function with programming cable ,then it will offer you hands free,it is convenient when you need to work with hands,you can hang on anywhere you want.It can improve your working efficiency.
RT21 has a resistant and sturdy radio body.it is a most durable and resistant analog walkie talkie. it will last long time using than other walkie-talkies.

Retevis RT21

RT21 compared with H-777

RT21 is FRS ,H-777 is 400-470MHz.RT21 has a VOX function but H-777 not .With this function, you don’t need to press the PTT button when you are busying.then it will offer you hands free,

RT21 compared with RT22

It have the bigger mic and have the crystal voice,and can listen clearly in noise environment

RT 21 has strong shell and durable radio body which keep the radio not easy to broken off.It seems like more durable and resistant than RT22.

RT21 has a crystal voice which empower your business with a faster and crystal communication way.

RT21 compared with H-777S

Strong radio body than H-777S;Retevis RT21 can directly talk to H-777s in 1-5 channels without programming them.

How to work together with these radios.

The RT21 is FRS, it is compatible with those all radios,it can work directly with RT22 and H-777s when out of the box,because they are both FRS frequencies and the default frequency is the same on channels. so you can talk directly.but RT21 and H-777 need to be programmed to work together.


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3 thoughts on “The difference between Retevis RT21 and other”

  1. carl duwart jr

    what are the differences between the rt 21v and the rt 47v? and do you have any intentions on making a small mobile or base unit for murs
    thank you

  2. “The RT21 is FRS, it is compatible with those all radios,it can work directly with RT22 and H-777s when out of the box” – this is not true!

    The H777S set we bought would ONLY communicate with our RT21 radios on Channels 6 & 7. We tried to program the H777S’s to match, but the CTSS/DCS codes starting with the letter “D” will not communicate between the two radios. We are still troubleshooting.

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