Retevis RT22 FRS/GMRS License free analog radio

Retevis RT22 FRS/GMRS License free analog radio


1.Retevis RT22 frequency changed the FRS/GMRS license free

Retevis RT22 before is one business Analog radio, factory default frequency range: 400M-520M.

Now changed the FRS/GMRS fixed frequency: 462MHz. That mean now it meet the USA Frequency standard. So it is one license free radio at USA, Canada… You can use it directly. (No need to check the frequency whether can use and get a certificate to use)

So the use of people and scenarios is more extensive.


2.Pls check the FRS frequency as follow: (Retevis changed the FRS frequency at 22th of Sep.2017.)

Common ChannelFrequencyFRS Chan.FRS Max OutputFRS Max BandwidthCTCSS
1462.6250FRS2 W12.5 kHz127.3
2462.7250FRS2 W12.5 kHz136.5
3462.5625FRS2 W12.5 kHz67
4462.5875FRS2 W12.5 kHz71.9
5462.6125FRS2 W12.5 kHz74.4
6462.6375FRS2 W12.5 kHz77
7462.6625FRS2 W12.5 kHz79.7
8462.6875FRS2 W12.5 kHz82.5
9462.7125FRS2 W12.5 kHz85.4
10462.5500FRS2 W12.5 kHz88.5
11462.5750FRS2 W12.5 kHz91.5
12462.6000FRS2 W12.5 kHz94.8
13462.6500FRS2 W12.5 kHz100
14462.6750FRS2 W12.5 kHz103.5
15462.7000FRS2 W12.5 kHz107.2
16462.7250FRS2 W12.5 kHz110.9


3. How the old RT22 communicate with FRS RT22.

(1). Let’s we check the old RT22 factory default setting data:

(2). Setting the old RT22 or FRS RT22’s “Rx Fre and Tx Fre” & “CTCSS/DCS” same is ok. How to programme, pls reference the blog:



Now are u interested in the FRS rt22? you can contact us by Thanks.

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  1. Its not license free. These are gmrs channels. Not frs. As stated. Illegal programmed radios.. Programmed is the repeater stations.also.. Highly ilegal to use these radios

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