How to operate R-511 frequency decoder?

For radios with LCD display, it’s easy to check the frequency and CTCSS in working. But for a radio with no LCD display, sometimes you need know frequency and CTCSS, in order to make communication with other radios in time. A frequency decoder helps here. This Meter using dot-matrix LCD display is designed to detect frequency, CTCSS and DCS of radio device.

Retevis R-511 is a hot selling frequency decoder. It’s small in size, convenient to carry. Net Weight: 6.21oz(176g)

frequency decoder

frequency decoderDetect frequency range mainly: R-511 Mainly used VHF:136-174MHz UHF: 400-520Mhz.

How to operate R-511 frequency decoder?

1.Pull out the antenna to longest length, make sure a good receiving effect
2.Press the side power key to turn on the device
3.Long press the power button can select 0.1K or 1K allowance when detecting frequency
When select 1k, the frequency will be 3digits after decimal point. Like: 462.500frequency decoder
When select 0.1k, the frequency will be 4digits after decimal point. Like: 462.5005frequency decoder

4.When switch to AUTO 0.1K, loose your finger on the power on button. Then you will see there’s 4 figures after the decimal point.
5.Radio lean to R-511 antenna, the best distance between the detected device and this Meter is 2-20cm
6.Press PTT key on the radio, you will see frequency on the 1st line, CTCSS on the 2nd line.
If there’s no CTCSS on the radio, 2nd line will show NON CTCSS

frequency decoder7.When you want to detect other radio or other frequency at this time, then we need reset R-511
Just “short press” pow on key to initialize the device is ok

frequency decoder

Notes:Its LED will light up until only the CTCSS is measured; if there is no CTCSS, the red light will not light up.

Done! The frequency and CTCSS will keep showing 30seconds, before device auto power off. Do you know how to operate it now?

Any questions, please feel free to contact for support, thanks!


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  1. My unit upon does not display the frequency, it comes up as 000.000 or 000.0000. when transmitting within the 2-20cm range. The unit then displays an “H” along with the signal strength. tested on several radios with same results. any thoughts for a fix?

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