How to reset Retevis RT82 factory setting

Recently we got some feedback from our customer who bought RT82 already, said if they can reset RT82 factoty setting.

Then do you know how to reset dual band DMR digital radio Retevis RT82 factory setting?


What you need to do.

* Retevis RT82 Dual Band DMR Radio

* RT 82 Programming software

* RT82 factory database— GPS Version,   No GPS Version

* RT82 Programming cable


Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Download RT82 Programming software.


RT82 programming software





Step 2: Connect RT82 radio to your PC with programming cable.

Step 3: Open the software as below picture show , clear your previous database.

rt82 factory setting













Step 4: Open a new file. Add RT82 radio correct factory .rdt, GPS or No GPS.

rt82 factory setting













Step 5: Then write date to your radio.

rt82 factory settingrt82 factory setting







Once all the steps are complete, power the radio off and then back on again.  Now your radio should be good to go!     Other digital radio RT3 or RT8 factory reseting same steps, only different .rdt of RT3 or RT8.    As always, All of us  Retevis  colleagues

appreciate each and every one of our customers. We will continue to support you and the products we sell!  You can email us for any questions about Retevis Amateur Radios.  or follow our facebook page:




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9 thoughts on “How to reset Retevis RT82 factory setting”

  1. Hi
    I have a RT8, was trying to remove backlight timer and brighten screen, but have managed to loose screen completely after a few seconds from initial start up. Sreen times out, goes blank and cannot be made to return by PTT or menue button. Can you offer advice please
    Glyn Hudson.

  2. HI, have a RT-84 and just upgrade the software so that i can program the radio.. and after the upgrade the radio is asking for a password.. i tried all sorts of but to know avail.. may i ask whats the solution or how do i reset the RT-84 THANKS

    1. Hi, is it possible to read from radio on the software?
      If yes, you can read from radio, to set the password on the software: program-read data-general setting-power on password
      If not, you can try to fill the password 00000000 to have a try.

  3. I have 2 RT81’s, yet one of them are not receiving, although all the other radio to receiving fine using the same codeplug, would you be able to help please ? can I preform a factory reset on the device ? Thanks in advance

  4. Hi, I am the owner of an RT-80 with the 1801RT801100080 series which I am basically happy with but there are moments when in DMR mode in reception when the correspondent enters, his ID appears on the screen, but no signal is heard in the speaker. If I move the channels manually back and forth the reception returns ok. I also have an Ailunce at which time when I receive reception simultaneously with RT-80 this phenomenon does not appear! I tried to reduce the “PRIVATE / GROUP CALL HANG TIME” times but I couldn’t solve the problem! I mention that this phenomenon does not appear in analog mode. Waiting for an answer from you, thank you in advance.
    This has been until today …..24.01.2021
    Today, I tried again an update in the hope that I will solve the problem … but while I was doing the firmware update the AC 220 V power supply stopped !!! After I resumed the update operation again I found that both in DMR and analog I have transmission from RT-80 and receive in any other transceiver but when I receive in RT-80 I have only a slight background noise and only when I strongly modulate the transmission station to RT-80 over that slight noise is a squeak !!!!!
    Waiting for an answer from you, thank you in advance.

  5. 1. Step 3 is not well described. How do you access the “All data will be cleared” -menu?

    2. There’s no info on where to get the “factory” *.rdt files.

  6. I have the model rt82 I bought at a hamfest and I am trying to clear the stuff that’s on there so I can use it. But it wants me to buy the software all I want to do is clear the old off and start over with it.

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