Retevis RT28 walkie-talkie function introduction

Retevis RT28 walkie-talkie is the FRS walkies talkies for adults or kids can be used without separate licenses.

Here are some features of the it :

Retevis RT28 walkie-talkie function introduction

Chinese/English Language Prompt:

This radio includes Chinese and English two kinds of voice signal mode.

And here is the way you can switch it: please turn the channel to 15 channel, and turn off the radio, then hold the PTT button and MONI button while turning on the power to convert another way.

Time-out timer(TOT):

The function is to prevent the speaker from using a channel too long and continuously, and the radio emits continuously too long and the body heats up.

You can program the time by computer while the factory setting time is 1 minute. The radio will stop transmitting when the set time is exceeded.

Battery saving function:

Without any operation for 10 seconds, the radio will automatically enter the power saving mode. You can turn this function off by programming.

Alarm function:

The side button of RT28 walkie-talkie defaults to the Monitor button, which can be programmed to set the side button as an alarm function. Can provide you with better security.

USB rapid charge:

Each radio has its charging USB jack and USB cable, you can can charge it anywhere (on the wall,computer,mobile power or on the car). Can charge the battery quickly and safer.

And the charge cable has the Mirco USB port, you can use it to charge your phone or other device with the Mirco USB port.

RT28 walkie-talkie-retevis
Solid build 2 way radio with clear and concise transmission allows you to communicate smoothly indoors and outdoors

VOX function:

On channels CH1 – CH5, you can press and hold the PTT and MONI key, then switch on the radio, thus to activate the VOX function ON/OFF.

And the VOX levels have the 1-5 , and it can be adjusted with programming software.

RT28 walkie-talkie-retevis
Compact size and lightweight plus durable belt clip enable you can hold and carry more conveniently

The Retevis RT28 is a cost-effective analog walkie-talkie. And the handheld size and lightweight design making your outdoor or indoor activities communication more efficient.

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        I would like to ask you for some help. Can you please tell me where I can find the software for the RT28?



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        Hi Cara,
        Could you please send me the reprogramming software for the RT 28?
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