Analog oortable repeater

How to connect RT97 analog repeater to RT5?

Communication range is always a concerned topic, by most walkie talkie users. But owning a big repeater always cost much, for some economical walkie talkies, it seems not worthable. Retevis has offered a solution by releasing a portable, economical repeater, that is smart but power.

What’s the differences from conventional repeaters and RT97?

RT97 analog repeater
1.Functional difference: RT97 has no DTMF, 5 tone, remote kill/remote stun/wake-up, PPT ID, timeout forbidden, relay scanning, platform function, link function, voice transmission, remote control software. But just because RT97 is not so versatile, it is easier to operate and easier to use. It is more suitable for those who require it but have few functional requirements.

2.The power is small: the regular repeater 0~50w is adjustable. RT97 power is 2 records: 5w/10w. The coverage of conventional repeaters is more than 10km. RT97 can increase the range around 2-5km. From the data, the conventional relay coverage is much wider. However, when the high-power relay is used with the small power walkie talkie, there will be a problem that the walkie talkie the receiving and transmission signal is poor. But RT97 is more suitable as a repeater with 2w or less.

3.Volume and weight: The conventional repater size is about 620x410x190mm, about 14Kg. The RT97 measures 310x283x170mm and weighs 1.66kg. The conventional repeater is three times the size of the RT97; the weight is eight times that of the RT97. The portability of the RT97 is overwhelming.

How to connect RT97 repeater with RT5 walkie talkie?

Step 1: Download and install Universal USB Driver from Retevis official website freely:

Step 2: Download and install RT97 software from Retevis official website freely:

Step 3: On RT97 software interface, we will see the frequency and CTCSS/DCS in each channel. RT97 total have 16 channels.

Step 5:Set in RT5 software with reversed frequency and CTCSS/DCS is ok.

analog repeater
In RT97 device, press up/down key to choose the communication channel you selected.
In RT5 software, choose the corresponding communication channels is ok.

Then with this repeater, it can increase the communication range accordingly.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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