Retevis waterproof radio RT29

What to do if water enters the walkie-talkie?

During the holiday, most people will choose to drive by car or have relatives and friends go out for travel.

Walkie-talkies are undoubtedly the preferred equipment for outdoor communications, but…

When the rainy day, accidentally, walkie-talkie in the water!

Actually, the best way to solve this problem is to buy a Retevis waterproof radio LIKE RETEVIS RT29!

Retevis waterproof radio RT29
Retevis waterproof radio RT29

But most walkie-talkies are not waterproof, once the walkie-talkie in water, make sure to calm down!

[Proper treatment]

1, In the case of dropping into the water when the power is on.

Step one: Remove the battery as soon as possible, or turn off the walkie-talkie.

Step two: Dry the outer surface with a paper towel for 24 hours. Do not turn on during the period.

After these two steps of processing, power can basically work normally.

2, Drop into the water in the event of power failure.

In this case, it can be concluded that the machine is not damaged, but the LCD screen may be ugly.

Step one: Use cloth or toilet paper to dry the phone thoroughly.

Step two: Use a vacuum cleaner or other equipment to suck out the water vapor from the walkie-talkie and place the walkie-talkie in a warm air circulation environment for several hours.

Step three: If there is something left on the screen and it is very serious, it should be sent to the maintenance department to deal with it or take apart the machine by yourself.

【 Advises 】

1, For the first, two cases, do not think that the machine has been water scrap, and dis-assemble it at random.

2, Do not shake the radio forcefully, it is easy to get water into the inside of the radio.

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