Super waterproof walkie talkie is here

      In recent months, you feel that many genius children have fallen from the sky. Is it true that “the heavens will be relegated to the people”? He Yide, who graduated from Nanjing University at the age of 12, and Cen Yinuo, who wrote 2000 poems a day, have produced so much that it makes me an ordinary super The waterproof walkie-talkie feels ashamed.

super waterproof walkie talkie
super waterproof walkie talkie

     I, an ordinary super waterproof walkie-talkie,RT48, is not proficient in all kinds of martial arts. I only do one thing in my life. I love waterproofing. I lie down under one meter of water for 30 minutes without any problems. I can serve you in tornado or stormy weather, dustproof and waterproof, and the battery life is long, please rest assured. In addition, I am a license-free walkie-talkie, which is particularly easy to use and easy to carry. I have a clip on the back. After turning on the VOX function, I can free your hands and communicate instantly.

     I will also play a powerful role in crisis situations. For example, in crisis situations such as earthquakes and floods, residents can deliver timely and accurate messages and issue distress signals to facilitate the search for lost people. This is the choice for every household.

     I am not a genius, but I will be myself. You say that I don’t have a halo, so I won’t overwhelm you; you say I am exquisite and small, and I am fully functional. The aura and meaning of genius are given by others, and how to live is up to you.

    In addition, I, super waterproof walkie talkie, RT48,are eager to meet people who recognize my value and appreciate my charm, so what are you waiting for?

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