RT82 Onto the Cover of Amateur Magazine

Retevis RT82 was on the cover of Amateur Magazine,named Practical Wireless Magezine on Nov,2017.

About the Practical Wireless:

The Practical Wireless is a UK amateur radio magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1932. Originally, as it’s known to its friends and readers worldwide – started off as a magazine that dealt with the more practical side of wireless construction for general enthusiasts. However, since 1980, the magazine has aimed itself specifically at the Radio Amateur.

The author: Tim Kirby with the callsign: G4VXE

He is a Radio amateur. The VHF/UHF Editor for Practical Wireless magazine. He wrote the article with the title:

The Retevis RT82 144/430MHz Dual-Band DMR Radio.


1,Retevis RT82 is a dual-band DMR radio.It will be more convenient than the radio with single-band.

2,The battery life of RT82 is good, and the Drop-in charger can quite quick to charge the radio. Li-on battery with the capacity 2200mAh.

The first impression for RT82:

A reasonably heavy unit, slight heavier and larger than an MD380. And it comes with a drop-in charger, a belt clip and an instruction manual.but it’s quite comfortable to hold in the hand.

Codeplug and Firmware Programming:

Tim downloaded the programming software for the RT82,installed it on his Windows10 machine, connected the USB cable, he was pleased to find that there were no problems establishing communication with the radio and performing fuctions such as adding repeaters, talkgroups, contacts and so on! He was also able to program the side buttons.

Retevis have the ability to update the firmware.to download the firmware, please click: https://www.retevis.com/rt82-resources/


With the conclusion:

1,The RT82 would probably be cheaper than two separate radios like a UHF DMR radio.

2,If you don’t like the trackball, you can program the side buttons instead of it.

3,It is easy to use and don’t have to resort to the instruction manual

4,RT82 have two verisons: the GPS and no GPS, if you need GPS version, just with a small additional cost,you will get it .

5,If you are looing for a DMR radio, the RT82 is well worth.


Any question,please feel free to leave a message here!

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