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Retevis RT91 Power Amplifier Questions and Answers

Retevis RT91 Power Amplifier Questions and Answers


1.If RT91 Power Amplifier UHF can be used together with RT95 analog mobile radio?

No. RT91 works for lower power radios (like 2-6W), then amply the power to get a output power to be 30-40W. Mobile radio is high power radio, not compatible with RT91.

2.If RT91 has components for heat dissipation and ventilation?
Yes, the heat sink cannot be transmit 24 hours a day.  It’s okay to have a gap. The fuselage will be hot, but it will not affect the transmit power

3.If RT91 has the cable to connect RT82 GP328plus connector?
Currently it’s not available inside original package. MOQ 500pcs, we can customize seperately.

4.RT91 amplier power can not edit frequency, right?
Yes, RT91 can not programme frequency.

5.What cable need to connect RT91 and RT52?
Kenwood 2 pins connector plug can connect RT91 and RT52, there’s Kenwood cable inside the original package, RT52 can use directly.

6.What’s the voltage the RT91 Power Amplifier standard voltage?

Standard voltage is DC13.8V. If customer use DC12V voltage, the power of RT91 will decrease.

7.If RT91 can talk directly with walkie talkie?
RT91 is used for amplifing walkie talkie power, it can not talk with walkie talkie.

8.If RT91 can only amply analog radio, or digital radio also ok?
Both ok.

9.If RT91 can amply the RT97P digital repeater power?
Yes, RT91 can amply RT97P digital repeater, as well as RT97 analog repeater.


10.Within frequency 410 to 415 MHz, RT91 can not reach 40W, but only 32W.

This power amplifier will have max power when radio frequency is 430-440Mhz.The further you go, the lower the power. For example, when radio is around 476Mhz, the amplified transmit power around 20 W/21W, this is normal.

11.Input power 5w, radio output power only 19W.
A.if radio battery is full power? If not full, corresponding input power is actually less than 5w.
B.what voltage RT91 use? Standard voltage is DC13.8V, if use DC12V, this lower voltage will cause a lower output power.
C.What device customer use when testing the power? Portable, desktop device , or? Different testing device, the testing result will be different.

12.If RT91 can match AY01 antenna to use?

RT91 antenna connector is SL16-J/M, AY01 antenna connector is SL16-K. SL16-J/M is male connector, SL16-K/F is female connector, they are compatible.

13.If RT91 can connect HD1?
Yes, RT91 can connect HD1 to use, but then radio power more than 6w, RT91 amplifier will reduce HD1 to 6w, then amply based on 6w power.

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  1. Scott Averill

    question. when using rt91 with rt97 recieve from incoming radios do not come thru. squelch is set to 4 on repeater. when amp is disconnected the radio signals come thru fine. No recieve audio when amp is used. What am I missing.

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