New Arrival! Retevis RB17P GMRS radio for outdoor use

New Arrival! Retevis RB17P GMRS radio for outdoor use

GMRS radio is very popular in USA. The United States permits use by adult individuals who possess a valid GMRS license, as well as their immediate family members. Immediate relatives of the GMRS system licensee are entitled to communicate among themselves for personal or business purposes.

Why choose GMRS?

1.Higher power
Comparing with FRS license-free radio, GMRS radio has bigger power, so that it enabled a longer communication range. It’s also easy to apply an GMRS license, only submit application and pay dozens of dollars one year is ok.

2.GMRS radio has 30 channels, provides more selectable channels than ordinary radios(22 CH), more CTCSS and DCS tone options to reduce unwanted signals.

3.GMRS two way radio has 8 base station channel, which can be directly connected to the base station to obtain stronger and longer-distance signals.

Today we will introduce a new GRMS radio, Retevis RB17P for you.

1. Professional Powerful GMRS handheld Radio
Retevis RB17P is the handheld GMRS Radio, with the power 5W.  It has 30 channels, 22 channels for communicating with other GMRS radios, and lasts 8 channels are GMRS repeater channels.

GMRS radio 30 channels

2.NOAA weather alert
NOAA weather channel scans and locks the strongest weather channel to remind you of severe weather updates.

NOAA weather aleat
3.SOS emergency alarm
The remote emergency alarm will sound the alarm and transmit the alarm signal to other walkie-talkies in the range, so that you can get assistance in time.


4.Long battery life and easy to charge; 2200mAh battery; you can talk continuously for 24 hours on a single charge; and support for 7 days standby time; desktop charger provides you fast and reliable charge.

battery capacity

5.Crisp sound quality; 0-9 level squelch; can automatically shuts off weak transmissions or unwanted noise due to terrain or range constraints; provide you clear sound while doing outdoor activities
6.Easy to use; half keyboard; can set the functions just by the few buttons; you can choose to lock the keypad automatically or manually; prevents your settings from being inadvertently changed

half keyboard

7.Unique TFT color screen; there are 8 different screen colors for you choose; black; red; yellow; blue; white; purple; green and cyan; you can choose the fittest one according to your own needs.

If you have any inquiries about RB17P, please feel free to leave message under the post, thanks!



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