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3 tools build relationships for your camp and hunting caravan and crew

The prerequisite for tool use is U.S. users, as GMRS radios are licensed in the United States. If you are in another country, please feel free to contact us for alternatives. And we will talk about the relationships for your camp and hunting caravan and crew.

What we are discussing today is the GMRS communication scheme.

As we all know, radio is a short distance communication tool. Which is affected by power and has a relatively short communication range. How do we ensure continuous communication when a hunting party has to spend a week or a month hunting in the mountains?

Handheld radio ranges up to three miles, and onboard radio ranges up to five miles depending on power and antenna selection, so we also need Repeaters to extend coverage. So that forms our communication architecture.

How do we do that?

First of all, we chose GMRS radio, because it requires application, reduces interference to a certain extent, and can be connected to the repeater, which makes up our communication solution. It is cheaper than other models and is suitable for bulk purchase and use.

So for handheld radios, if you need the best price, we recommend the RB87, and if you want certain features, we recommend the waterproof radio RB23.

Here is feedback of RB23:

You will need some car radios to install on your vehicles, the RB86 GMRS mobile radio is recommended because it is also an IP67 waterproof and dustproof radio, and the power is 20W, so you can keep communication with other cars when you drive to the mountain top.

But, How would you choose the location of your camp? And how to connect to your camp?

Usually, the camp will choose a relatively safe, flat area in the col or hillside, close to the water source. And we usually do our hunting around the camp. So, it is best to install a repeater in your camp. The RT97 10W GMRS repeater can help you complete the hunting communication web. To achieve greater distance, you can place the repeater in the treetops to receive further calls. Or if you wanna get a further distance, you can also use a 40W RF Power Amplifier for Amateur Radio RT91

Here is an example of how to connect the RT91 amplifier with the RT97 repeater.


One important is, you can use one of these channels as an emergency communication or broadcast channel so that if a car or person needs help, others can get the message as soon as possible.

So, for other countries’ users, if you want to build a communication web, your group should apply for a license. And if you are finding a low-cost but complete solution, Retevis is the best choice. Thus, if you are interested in the communication solution, please feel free to contact us, or leave your opinion in the comments.



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