RB28B is the Best Family Walkie Talkie Set?

As we all know, you can substitute two way radios for cell phones when signal is poor. We do need to prepare sets of walkie talkies for family in case that there is an family trip or emergency.  I highly recommend to a look at RB28B Portable Two Way Radio. Compared with RB28/RB628, RB28B is more durable and simple since it has no display. RB28 is approved by many customers as the best family walkie talkie set due to following features.

1.Easy to use

Its simplicity is very easy to use, for example, if you’re a carer, maybe someone with mobility issues and you just want to keep in contact whilst you’re around the house in the garden. Maybe a short walk with the dog possibly to a local shop if it’s close enough. Or when we go to park sites with children, we can give our children the mini radios to keep in contact with us. Because you don’t want your litte kids going around with flash expensive and fragile mobile phones.

2.Reliable Keypad Lock

If you’re thinking of  giving this radio to a slightly older person or a younger children, the keyboard lock function can prevent their misoperation. When you activates a channel lock of feature, they will not change the settings of the radio by by accident. When the keyboard is locked, except for pressing the [PTT] and [Power Switch] keys, any key press will sound a warning beep.

3.Convenient USB Charging

RB28B family walkie talkie set-USB charging
RB28B family walkie talkie set-USB charging

RB28B is powered by 1500mAh rechargeable battery. Charging is getting easier when it is charged by its mini USB charging cable. Don’t worry it will power off on the way, because it supports long standby and can also be connected to a smart phone’s power bank. So, it is suitable for being carried in family trips.

Here to check the Review and Range Test of RB628B by Fred:

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