Vibration Pocket Walkie Talkies RB15

RB15 Vibration Pocket Walkie Talkies on the car
RB15 Vibration Pocket Walkie Talkies on the car

Matt is running a test setup of his mini mobile monitoring station. “It’s a fantastic little radio, when I am on high ground I make good contacts with it”, Matt praised and recommended RB15.  Why Matt loved this little RB15 ? Here follow me to explore:

1.Vibration for Reminding

Its vibration is seems like a cell phone’s. RB15 walkie-talkie can send out vibrations to remind you before the sound comes.


The RB15 weighs only 3.3 ounces with 0.86 inches thick. Its small shape can be held in hand easily. Meanwhile, it you carry it outdoor, its mini size can be easily put into a pocket or tied to the wrist.

3. Wireless Cloning

With this function, you can let two RB15 copy with each other without setting them by software from the PC.

4. Hand-free VOX

You can directly open VOX through the walkie talkies and select the level. This function will be greatly helpful, especially when you’re driving, because it allows you be hand-free.

5. Support USB Charging

The body contains a 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery. When it is fully charged, it offers 10-12 hours of battery life. With standard USB interface; RB15 can be charged by power bank.

Suppot USB Charging
Suppot USB Charging

Here is a video to help you learn more about RB15 Vibration Pocket Walkie Talkies:


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