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As one of the best-selling children’s walkie-talkies, RetevisRT628 is deeply loved by customers. At the same time, it also brought a lot of customer questions, let’s answer them today.


Question 1: How to find the manual?

Just download it on the official website. Website

Question 2: Why does the intercom beep?

Don’t worry, this is normal. Because the VOX function is enabled on the walkie-talkie, you only need to turn it off.
Steps: 1. Press twice, then the code starts to flash.
2. Press UP or DOWN to select the code 0-121 or 121-0.
3. Press PTT to save the code setting.
You can set a different code for each channel using this procedure.
Note: You must set the Interference Eliminator Code to 0 if you want to communicate with another radio which didn’t set up the Interference Eliminator Code.
Question 3: Why can’t the walkie-talkies turn on when the power is not plugged in?

First, check whether the battery is charged, if not, please charge the battery fully;Secondly, it may be that the battery does not fit, just adjust the position of the battery shrapnel appropriately.


The above questions are the most frequently asked questions by customers, and I hope they are helpful to everyone. If you have more questions, please leave a message below.
In addition, we also welcome you to test our walkie-talkie and make reasonable suggestions. Thank you.
If you want to know more product information, please click: View the information of walkie-talkie RetevisRT628.

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