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Note: RA15 has arrived and can be ordered.
With the promotion of RA15, RA615 and RT34, many customers have asked us about the product through email, WhatsApp, Facebook and other channels. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.The answer you want is here.

The answer you want-RT34
The answer you want-RT34

How to determine that the walkie-talkie can be used in your country?
Currently, children’s walkie-talkies are divided into US and European versions. The FPS frequency is dedicated to American users, and the PMR frequency is designed for European users. Currently, RA15 is the FRS frequency, and RA615 is the European frequency. RT34 is a universal walkie talkie. Therefore, customers should pay attention to the frequency when buying walkie-talkies on the official website.

The answer you want-RA15
The answer you want-RA15

 How about the communication distance?

As a video walkie-talkie, RT34 has a shorter communication distance than RA15 and RA615, about 200 meters. The communication distance of other models can reach about 2 kilometers. At the same time, we cannot ignore the actual environmental situation. The communication distance is related to the space range and building density.

The answer you want-RA615
The answer you want-RA615


Which one is more suitable for outdoor use?

A customer asked which walkie-talkie is suitable for children to use when riding a bicycle outdoors.

For this, these three models have their own advantages. RT34 can be used for video, and it is safer for children not to look back at their companions when they are riding outdoors. RA15 and RA615 radios have been innovated, adding foam design behind the battery shrapnel to prevent falling damage and suitable for outdoor use.

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