Retevis RT84 Waterproof radio

Why Retevis RT48 is so popular???

Are you a new bee on choosing the right radio? Do you want to have a cool radio in hand? And do you want to go out with your radio? Then Retevis RT48 is on the stage!

Here are some tips for a new bee who want to choose a nice radio.

Retevis RT48 Waterproof radio
Retevis RT48 Waterproof radio


As a new one, we always want to choose one radio that easy to use, and it is right, Rome was not built in one day! A radio which is easy to use can activate your interest, and you will feel happy when you are learning! Retevis RT48 is an analog radio, and for analog radio, except its old history, also because it’s easy to learn and operate than digital ones.

2: Power

In the case of straight-line obstacle-free circumstances, the power of the walkie talkie is basically proportional to the communication distance.  0.5W radio can have a communication range around 3 kilometers, 2W radio has a communication range around 9 kilometers. But higher power will consume more electricity, so you need to consider the battery capacity! For Retevis RT48, it has 0.5W/2W power, so you can choose the power according to your needs. Also, a 1200mAh battery can meet your work.
3ï¼›Communication distance
For personal use, the communication distance is about 3-10 kilometer is ok, you can take Retevis RT48 to do anything, it not only meets your needs indoors, but also outdoors, such as hiking, camping, fishing, or bicycle riding and so on!
Also, Retevis RT48 has IP67 waterproof, so you will not worry about the radio in the water! And it can float on the water, so you can pick the radio up quickly~!
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