RetevisTest Program-PoC Radio

PoC radio, the Push-to-Talk Over Cellular radio. Now we are giving you the chance to test and review our RT51 Poc radio for free.

Maybe you are wondering ” what is the Poc Radio?”

PoC radio: Inserting a 4G / LTE network card into your two-way radio, to make private/group call as your request. If there is a signal of 4G/LTE, you can talk, there is no talking distance limit.

Note: Only insert the Network card can be used, and you need to buy AT&T or T-Mobile service youself.

          This version just support the US only!!!

How do I apply?

Writing a test plan and email to us:

Your plan should explain how you are going to test this PoC radio. Where you are going to post this review.

You can also share this post on social media with the hashtag #RetevisTest to get more of your radio amateurs friends involved and increase your chance of being selected.

The testers will be announced on September 13th.

Good Luck!



Retevis Test project details:

1. How to enter: Write a test plan for PoC radio and email us: for a chance to be selected. Testers will be selected based on the quality of their testing plan.

2. Application time: Sepember 1st – Sepember 13th 2018

3. Testers required: 10

4. Eligibility for application: US only.

5. Review requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to send us a link to your review and any feedback on radio within two weeks, otherwise you will be unable to take part in future Retevis Test programs.

6. Where to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.

7. Retevis reserves the right of final explanation.


Something you need to know:

1,This RT51 need insert the 4G/LTE(SIM) card, so you need to buy this card yourself.

2,You can choose the card from AT&T or T-Mobile service.





If any question, please feel free to contact us on facebook: Retevis or leave a message below.





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