RT1 and RT26

RT1 and RT26 walkie talkie comparison

RT1 is UHF and VHF, and RT26 is UHF. These two walkie-talkies are popular with everyone because of their high power.

Here are some introductions and explanations for them so that everyone can better understand them.

What RT1 and RT26 have in common:

Both RT1 and RT26 include UHF with a power of 10W/5W and a range of up to 4 miles under ideal condition. The 3000mAh battery supports your uninterrupted communication. The 3-4 hour charge will last for 12-24 hours. High quality materials, strong outer casing, not easy to wear. Due to its own advantages, it can be applied to many occasions.

The difference between RT1 and RT26:

      RT1 walkie talkie

RT1 walkie talkie

1.The RT1 walkie-talkie uses soft PTT and large microphones, advanced voice compression and transmission, and speakers to deliver crisp sound even in very noisy environments.

 2.The RT1 has a 360°remote clip, and thanks to its smart design, you can clip the speaker microphone to the shoulder near the mouth. Sensitive microphones make it easier to pick up natural, clear sounds.

 3.RT1 supports encryption and secure calls, and 16 memory channels allow each group to establish its own channel and reduce signal interference.

 4.RT1’s Scramber feature makes your communication more confidential.

     RT26 walkie talkie

RT26 walkie talkie
RT26 work well for the variety of occasions because of long range and easy to operate
High gain antenna can boost your range and help you save the money for another antenna

1. RT26 high/low transmit power: 10W high transmit power maximizes communication range and crystal quality; 5W low transmit power has the advantage of saving battery power. 10W / 5W power setting: can provide the range you need; don’t worry that communication will be interrupted by range.

 2.The RT26 is ideal for golf courses, super shopping centers, playgrounds, self-driving tours, office buildings, farms and large warehouses. Maintain the power and penetration of radio signals in some large indoor or underground locations.

many usage occasion of Rt1 and Rt26 walkie talkies like hotel travel and so on

3.The RT26 features Bulit-in LED flashlights, PPT-ID and Monitor momentary function.

 The difference between RT1 UHF and VHF

RT1 walkie-talkie has 10W / 5W power switch with side button operation; high power 10W range up to 4 miles, depending on the environment and terrain

The RT1 UHF has a short wave that bypasses or penetrates the interference areas of the building, making it ideal for offices and tall buildings.

RT1 VHF walkie-talkie, the output power is 10W, the wavelength, the range is long enough, if you stand on the open space, the range will be farther, so it is more suitable for some open areas.

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