RT45 walkie talkie

RT45 walkie-talkie function introduction

The RT45 walkie-talkie is getting more and more popular because of its cool appearance and its own features,

especially the baby monitoring function. Let’s walk into the world of RT45 with me.

Introduction to the main functions of the RT45 walkie-talkie

1.RT45 walkie-talkie dual watch function

Dual watch can be monitor two channel the same time, allows you to monitor two channel/privacy code combinations at once.Never miss important messages、reception.

2.Call tone

10 Call tone/Roger Beep


Call tones allow you to transmit a tone to other radios in your group to alert them that you want to talk.

3.Keypad Lock

Radios with the keypad lock feature allow you to “Lock” the buttons so that pressing them has no effect. This is useful if you are carrying the radio in your pocket or in a purse where buttons could accidentally get pressed.

4.Dual power

If you plan to use your radio frequently, upgrading to a model that includes rechargeable batteries will pay for itself in no time.


The RT45 walkie-talkie  supporting the Voice Activated Transmit (VOX) feature allow you to use your two way radio “hands-free” .

6.RT45 walkie-talkie 121 Privacy codes

Privacy codes make it possible for your to take your two way radio to high traffic places and still be able to communicate with your group in relative privacy.

Next we will focus on the Room Monitor feature of our The RT45 walkie-talkie.

walkie talkie RT45
Room Monitor/Channel Monitor

The existence of this function provides convenience for many people with babies. For example, when you are at a nearby or nearby friend’s home, the room monitor can help you care for your baby. When your baby has any sound, you can know.

The specific steps for setting the Room monitor are as follows:

Press Menu button until the Room monitor icon blinks.

Press UP or DOWN button to the desired room monitor sensitivity level.

Press the LOCK button to turn on room monitor.Press the Menu button to turn off monitor.

NOTE:When the voice/noise in the monitored room continues for more than 60 seconds, the  monitoring radio stop monitoring for 5 seconds,and resumes.

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