Short distances weak signals solution

Short distances weak signals solution

Many customers Ask about the bad short distances communication signals solution.

Some of the most common is the Underground garage and ground communication, building and the outside parking lot communication, and different floors of building is weak signals.

Now we will provide a simple solution, just need a repeater box and two walkie talkie. Let’s just use one of these cases as an example.

Underground garage and ground communication

City vehicles are very large, there have been a lot of underground parking. Underground parking to effectively use the land at the same time, but also to the parking lot management personnel to bring new problems. As the parking lot in the bottom, and between the ground has a very thick concrete layer and steel mesh, resulting in radio signals can not penetrate. Walkie-talkie can not achieve the underground and ground communication.

Underground and ground contact of the territory

1. Underground garage only elevator, emergency access and ventilation pipes connected with the ground, almost closed space. Radio waves can only be transmitted to the ground by penetrating the concrete layer.
2. High-rise buildings In order to be strong, the concrete layer is relatively thick, and there are reinforced mesh structure. Radio waves can not penetrate.
3. Parking management and security personnel in the use of walkie-talkie for underground and ground calls, either is not clear or can not call. The work had a great impact.

A solution to solve all the problems

Walkie talkie Two-way Repeater Box

Two-way of the radios can both transmit and receive in VHF/UHF/Digital/Analog band.

Relay box at both ends of the walkie-talkie as a signal source, the middle through the wired connection. Two signal sources can be arranged in different locations, expand the signal coverage area, reduce dead ends.

The antenna of the walkie-talkie is replaced by a high-gain antenna with a gain value of 6.0dB.

The gain antenna and the walker use feeder links, and the feeder can pass through the weak wells through the ground and the ground. Send the underground signal to the ground.

Installation of underground garage and ground communication equipment

A and B two walkie-talkie as a transit signal source, for the C and D from the transit bridging role.

A and B two sources are located in the ground and ground. So that the ground and underground in the A, B under the coverage of two signal sources.

C and D can not be communicated directly through. With the transfer of A and B, C and D can be communicated.

This solution can solve the other two problem to some extent, you can reference.

Any question, please feel free to contact us.


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